MSM Badminton

U35 and +35  Matches Schedule and guidelines /rules as follows below, 

For any information Contact us on 9971008621 or drop a note on
Venue - BGS VIJNATHAM SCHOOL Plot No.2, Tech Zone VII Greater Noida (West)- 203207- Noida Extension

U11 and U19  Matches Schedule and guidelines /rules as follows below, 
Matches  will be played on 24th Nov 2019 - start time is 8 AM

-General Rules- 

1 All matches are played as per age category.
2 Every category will have a winner and runner-up
3 All Matches will be  of 15 points and 15th point is a golden point,
whom is score first, he will winner of that set.
4 All matches except Semifinals and Finals, will be of 15 points.
5 All Semifinals and Finals matches will be played in sets of 1 which means
3 matches of 15 points each, best of 3 wins.
6 Players are requested to report 15 minutes before match scheduled time.

MSM Sports - BGS Badminton Championship Registration is Closed.