(Mywoods Sports Meet)
"स्वस्थ भारत समृद्ध भारत" 

Sports lead to a well-balanced mental and physical growth. It can make our life comfortable and happy. If we can play sports we can learn time management, responsibility and brotherhood etc. Participation in organised sports offers the chance for everyone to enhance their physical and social skills.

Keeping this in mind MSM (Mywoods Sports Meet) concept was introduced in 2018 for the residents of the society .MSM-2018, MSM-2019 and MSM-2020 All three Events were a great success and residents have enjoyed a lot. In continuation to this, MSM team is coming with MSM-2021. Let’s try to make MSM-2021 - Summer Edition  a grand success story

There is no registration Fee (It is free for all Mywoods's residents meet below criteria)


1.    Who all can participate?

  • a.    Kids, women and men of our society can participate in it.
  • b.    Bachelor tenants are not allowed.
  • c.    Kids below 6 years are not allowed
  • d. Only Mywoods Residents
2- When it will be organised?
  •  It will be organised from mid-March 2021 to End of April 2021.

  • MSM2021 Registration Click on below link (last day of registration is 1st March)
  • To register multiple games fill separate form for each game.
  • All the registered players must join below MSM Facebook for all official updates photos, videos etc. 

MSM Facebook page link- Must Join 

Game Categories 
  • Badminton (Doubles and Singles)
  • Table Tennis
  • Lawn Tennis (Doubles and Singles)
  • Volleyball   (Team will be formed Tower wise
  • Basketball (Team will be formed Tower wise
  • Chess
  • Ludo
  • Carom